Indigenous Education​

Pandemic and the 7 Sacred Teachings

The Indigenous Education Program here at Highland Secondary is available Monday to Friday during regular school hours and is open to all students of Indigenous ancestry (First Nations, Metis, or Inuit) and this ancestry can be determined on a voluntary basis through self-identification and includes Status, Non-Status, Metis or Inuit Ancestry and may extend several generations back in your family history. As a hub for intercultural connection and reconciliation, we are fully inclusive, and we welcome all non-Indigenous students as well.

Our Indigenous Education Team provides academic, cultural, leadership and personal support to students as well as arranging cultural presentations, post-secondary information and funding, outdoor sessions/ field trips and lunch time groups. We feed the students daily and we have been doing concession sales that are planned and staffed by our leadership students. We have two full-time ISW’s, our Elder in Residence (Ni’Noxsola) JoAnn Restoule two days a week, and our Curriculum Support Teacher Lelaina Jules. This service is provided to enhance Highland’s school programs and if there is anything we can do to support your child please feel free to contact us and we will work together to make sure they are happy, healthy, and successful.

Meet and connect with our Indigenous Education Team:

Highland phone number: 250-339-5525 ext. 41117

Kath Larson, JoAnn Restoule, & Mo Moshiri

Mo Moshiri – Indigenous Support Worker

Kath Larson – Indigenous Support Worker

JoAnn Restoule – Wise One/Elder-In-Residence

Lelaina Jules – District Cultural Resource Teacher

Highland Indigenous Student Leadership/Council

Our leadership group has been engaged in fundraising and helping to bring awareness to Indigenous issues that our students and families face. Some of the activities have included cultural awareness days, leadership at school wide assemblies, fundraising through

concession sales and other work, advocating for Indigenous students and cultural activities, supporting elders in the community, supporting the Red Dress, Moosehide Campaigns, Cultural Camps, promoting cultural pride and creating an inclusive setting for all students.