School Learning Plan

Who are we?

Nestled in the northeast woods of Comox, British Columbia, Highland Secondary School enrolls approximately 650 students in grades 8-12. Highland offers a comprehensive high school program, with a diverse range of academics and electives, as well as several specialty programs such as ENTER2, MakerSpace and an International Student Program.

Highland engages students with a wide-ranging co-curricular program including dozens of sports teams, clubs, in-school events and after-school activities, so that all students can find a place and get involved.

Moreover, the students and staff of Highland pride themselves on our motto – “Highland has Heart.”

What is our focus?

Learning Opportunities – Our central concern is to continue to enhance and develop student-learning opportunities that engage, challenge and prepare students for their chosen future.

Community Connections – We believe it is vital to promote and pursue opportunities to partner and work together with our greater community to build relationships and embed authentic and long-lasting learning experiences for our students so that by the time our graduates leave Highland, they are connected and ready for the real world.​

How did we decide on focus?

The Highland teaching staff originally determined our Focus Areas. Our Parent Advisory Council and our Student Council later endorsed the Focus Areas.

What is our plan to enhance student learning?

Learning Opportunities

  • Develop and offer new courses in response to student interest and curriculum change:
    • Digital Art Media 9-12
    • Career 9-12 & Capstone
    • Literature Studies 11 & New Media 11
    • Human Geography 12
    • Improv 9-12
    • Makerspace 9-12
  • Embed inquiry projects into academic classes 8-10.
  • Increase the number of our students taking ACE-IT, Apprenticeship and Work Experience.
  • Continue to develop and support Blended-Learning opportunities in our classes.
  • Use Flex Block model to support learning through tutorial, seminars, work completion.
  • Use Flex Block model to provide enriching and choice-driven learning experiences.
  • Increase the opportunities for students to be exposed, and share, cultural activities.
  • Embed and support Mental Health and Sexual Heath curriculum.

Community Connections

  • Increase the number of opportunities our students have to work with younger students from our feeder schools.
  • Increase the opportunities for students to be placed in learning situations beyond the walls of our school
  • Increase student awareness of community and global humanitarian and charitable causes.
  • Increase the opportunities for students to engage in service activities in the community.
  • Build partnerships with North Island College to better assist students transition to post secondary school.