International Exchanges

Who is the exchange for?

Students who will be in grades 10 -12 starting September 2020 that are wanting to experience another culture. Families/students must be willing to host an Italian Grade 12 student at the end of September 2020 for a minimum of 10 days. Students will need to be able to travel to Italy at least a week prior to and including at least a week of Spring Break of 2021 for a duration of 14 – 18 days and willing to be hosted by an Italian student’s family while staying in Verbania. Exact dates of the exchange on both ends will not be known until May 2020.

A maximum of 30 students can go on this exchange and we will have participants finalized by the end of April 2020.

Who are the sponsor teachers?

Ms. Duncan, the band teacher at Isfeld, and Mr. Claassen who taught at Isfeld last year, are the two sponsor teachers for this exchange. As Ms. Duncan is currently teaching at Isfeld, students can ask her any questions about the exchange.

Comox Valley Home Stay for the Italian students

While the Italian students are in the Comox Valley, it is expected that the homestay family will welcome them in and give them local experiences (Tofino, Qualicum/Parksville, Denman/Hornby, Mt. Washington, etc.). Italian students will stay with families each night while they are here, except for one night where they will be in Victoria. During the school week while the Isfeld students are in school, the Italian students will participate in day excursions that may include (Elk Falls, Mt. Washington hike, Cathedral Grove, Deep Bay Marine Station, Cumberland Museum, Whale Watching, etc.).

Families who are hosting an Italian student as part of this exchange will need to fill out a Home Stay Application.

Plans while in Italy….

We are planning on flying into Milan and then proceeding directly to Verbania to meet our home stay families and get acquainted with the culture. While in Verbania, students will spend a day at the school (I.I.S. Lorenzo Cobianchi) with their host student and experience several day trips which include visiting the city of Turin and Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore. The main trip during our time with the Italians is a 2 day trip to Venice. Once we leave Verbania we will travel to Naples by train and visit Pompeii first before we travel back up to Rome. In Rome, we will be spending 2 1/2 days exploring the city (Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Palantine Hill, etc). Starting the exchange in Verbania is meant to immerse and familiarize the students to life in Italy before we head to Naples and Rome on our own.

Cost: $3000 maximum

This is the maximum cost for the trip. It could be less but we cannot give a set price at this time until all the planning is complete. Please remember that the cost of all flights, hotels, and experiences in Rome, Naples, and Venice, as well as all trips with the Italian students while in Canada are included in this cost.

Spending money will also be needed. We will be visiting many amazing places, including the market place in Verbania, where Italian sodas, sorbets, espresso coffee, and wonderful food will be waiting for us! Plus, we are sure we will all be bringing souvenirs home for family and friends.

Deposit – a $1000 deposit will be needed to secure your spot on the trip. This will be required in May 2020 after we have selected the students and have had parent meetings to answer any questions parents may have.

Passports and documentation……yes you need this

You will need a passport that will not expire within six (6) months of the return date of the trip. You will also fill in detailed permission slips, a parent consent form which will need to be notarized, medical form and a standard letter giving Ms. Duncan and Mr. Claassen permission to take you on international travel.

If your parents are divorced / separated you must make sure BOTH sets of parents fill out all of these documents.



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