Presenters in the Classroom

The Careers Department is very excited to be able to support “Careers: Presenters in the Classroom”. This is a great way for teachers to bring in professionals from the community (many are parents and there are over 200) to speak about topics that are of interest and/or being explored in class. This is also a great way for students to learn more about different Career Pathways as most people only know about the Careers they see at home and at school.

How it works:

  1. Open the PDF document
    Careers Presenters In the Classroom Resource Package
  2. Read over the District Message and Home Page details (page 1).

* Please note the difference between Volunteer and Presenter, all contacts in the portal are presenters.

  1. Explore the Presenter Portal Database (PDF above and link below). Please explore the list, the people at the top might receive to many calls As well, you need to make sure that the presenter is right for your group, not everyone will be a prefect fit.
  2. Review the Teacher Checklist and Presenter Protocols (page 2) A code of conduct MUST be completed.
  3. Make use of any supports or lessons (pages 3-18).

*Make sure to review the PDF above

Presenter Portal to Database

*How to video for SD71 Parent Presenters database, HERE

* Database for Presenters- SD71 Parent Presenters


Teacher Checklist: Having a community Presenter in your classroom

  1. Use the volunteer portal to locate volunteers that align with your curriculum and lesson goals here – SD71 Parent Presenters
  2. Email your volunteer to see if they are available to come into your classroom.
  3. Call your presenter and review,
  1. Your lesson goals.
  2. The structure and topics that you are aiming to have discussed.
  • The appropriate language that is required in your class.
  1. The protocols that you would like them to follow in your classroom. *Located below “Presenter Protocols”.
  1. Let your administrator know that you will have a presenter in.
  2. Presenters are not to be paid or receive any compensation (thank you cards, and gifts are great).
  3. Have your volunteer complete a criminal record check if they are going to be alone with students. If you are not leaving them alone with students and you will be with your class for the duration of the presentation no criminal record check is required.
  4. Please note, presenters “may not undertake tasks requiring educational decisions” (Administrative Procedure 490).

Presenter Protocols

  • Presenter must compete the Volunteer Code of Conduct HERE. Please make sure to send this to them to sign before the arrive.
  • Presenter must check in at the office when they arrive and receive a visitor tag.
  • Presenters must use appropriate language in the classroom.
  • Presenters must not communicate/share personal beliefs with students.
  • Presenters must complete a Criminal Record check if they are going to be alone with students. If a district staff member is always in the classroom a Criminal Record check is not required.