TedTalk Student Sheet for Videos: TEDTalkWorksheetforStudents

Big Idea

Reflecting on our preferences and skills helps us identify the steps we need to take to achieve our career goals.

Activity    &      Lesson       

Multiple Intelligences: M1Lesson1MultipleIntellgences (1)   &  Multiple Intelligences Quiz

You and Your Strengths: M1Lesson2LearningStyles   &  LearningStylesAssignment

My Career, My Future: M1Lesson3MyCareerMyFuture   &  MyCareerMyFutureAssignment

What Skills do I Have: M1Lesson4WhatSkillsDoIHave   &  WhatSkillsDoIorOthersHaveAssignment

Occupational Skills Balderdash: OccupationalSkillsAssignment   &  OccupationalSkills

Johari Window: M1Lesson5TheJohariWindow   &  JohariWindowAssignment   &  JohariWindowLessonPlan

My Personality Bag: MyPersonalityBag

Big Idea

The Value of work in our lives, communities, and society can be viewed from diverse perspectives. 

Activity   &   Lesson

The Future of Careers: M2Lesson1TheFutureofWork   &  ListofCareersforPart1   &  TheFutureofWorkVennDiagram

The Value of Volunteerism: M2Lesson2TheValueofVolunteerism   &  VolunteerismResearchAssignment

Perspective of Self and Others: M2Lesson3PerspectivesofSelfandOthers   &  JohariWindowforSelfAssignment

Career Perspectives: M2Lesson4CareerPerspectives

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Big Idea

Achieving our learning goals requires effort and perseverance

Lesson  &  Activity

Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process lesson – Grade 8 (myBlueprint)

Time Management Strategies Lesson

Time Management Strategies lesson – Grade 8 (myBlueprint)

Big Idea

Adapting to economic and labour market changes requires flexibility

Lesson  &  Activity

Jobs, Occupations and Careers Lesson Plan

Jobs, Occupations, and Careers Lesson – Grade 8 (myBlueprint)

Big Idea

Our career paths reflect the personal, community, and educational choices we make

Activity  & Lesson

Digital Citizenship Cyberbullying Lesson


Expectations Activity

Expectations Activity – Grade 8 (myBlueprint)

Famous Person Interview Activity

Famous Person Interview Activity – Grade 8 (myBlueprint)

Overcoming Life Obstacles Activity

Overcoming Life Obstacles – Grade 8 (myBlueprint)

Synthesizing Your Career Education Research