Welcome to the SD71 Resource Page for the Career Education 10-12 Capstone Project

​​​Comox Valley School District Capstone Project: SD71 Capstone Project.pdf

What is a Capstone?

A capstone project is a culminating project, presentation, experience or exhibition that will allow you the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate your learning of a career-oriented area of interest into a meaningful and relevant project. Through your capstone project, you will show your initiative, innovation, cross-curricular knowledge and critical thinking skills, as they relate to your core competency growth and post-graduation plan. You will be exploring an area of curiosity or interest through delving deeper into your past learning and future goals. Your capstone project should be fun, engaging and relevant yet manageable for you as you complete your graduation requirements!

Why a Capstone Project?

A capstone project is a celebration of your learning, experience, and goals for post-graduation. It is designed for you to think critically, solve challenging problems and develop and reflect on your skill sets and core competencies. Think of your capstone as your venue to connect with the world outside of school and demonstrate that you have the skills required to start your post-secondary education, enter the work force with work-ready skills or develop your understanding of the world through travelling. ​