Big Idea

Career-life choices are made in a recurring cycle of planning, reflecting, adapting, and deciding. 

Life Analogies

Life Analogies (1)  &  Life Analogies (1)

Who am I?

M1 Lesson 1 Who am I  &  M1 Lesson 1 Who am I Assignment

My DNA Journey

Lesson_ My DNA Journey  &  Lesson_ My DNA Journey

Identifying Your Values

Identifying Your Values  &  Values Journal Entry (for after assignment)

Values Card Sort Lesson Plan

Values Card Sort Lesson Plan

What’s My Learning Style?

M1 Lesson 2 Learning Styles  &  M1 Lesson 2 Learning Styles Assignment

Employability Skills

M1 Lesson 3 Employability Skills

Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting

M1 Lesson 3 Guide to Goal Setting Assignment  &  M1 Lesson 3 Guide to Goal Setting

Goal Setting Activity

Goal Setting

Movie- October Sky (intro or follow up on goal setting)

October Sky

My Personal Soundtrack Project

My Personal Soundtrack Project CLE 10  &  My Personal Soundtrack Project CLE 10

My Life Map Project

My Life Map Project  &  My Life Map Project

Post Secondary Flip Book

Post Secondary Flip Book Lesson Plan

Career Exploration

M1 Lesson 4 Career Exploration Career Project

Forming a Grad Plan

M1 Lesson 5 Forming a Grad Plan   &  M1 Lesson 5 Forming a Grad Plan Assignment

Forming a Grad Plan (not using myBlueprint)

Making a Graduation Plan

Course Expectations Letter Writing Activity

Course Expectations Letter Writing

Who am I? Personality

myBlueprint_Who_Am_I_Personality_Activity (4) (1)


Who am I? Motivations

myBlueprint_Who_Am_I_Motivations_Activity (1)

Who_Am_I_-_Motivations (2)

Who am I? Interests

myBlueprint_Who_Am_I_Interests_Activity (1)


Who am I? Self Exploration

Who_Am_I (2)

Learning Styles Activity

myBlueprint_Who_Am_I_Learning_Styles_Activity (2)

Multiple Intelligences Activity

MyBlueprint Multiple_Intelligences (1)

Transferable Skills

myBlueprint Transferable_Skills (1)

Goal Setting Activity

myBlueprint_Goal_Setting_Activity (1)

Oh the Places You’ll Go

Oh__the_Places_You_ll_Go_ (2)

Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship


How I View Myself and How Others View Me


Job Shadow Activity


Pathways to a Career Activity

Pathways to Career Activity – Grade 11 (myBlueprint)

Employment Recruiter Lesson

myBlueprint_Employment_Recruiter (1)

Famous Person Interviews


Creating a Portfolio in MyBlueprint


Overcoming Obstacles


Role in the Workplace

Roles in the Workplace lesson

Leadership Inspired Coat of Arms

Leadership_Inspired_Coat_of_Arms (2)

Transitioning to Post Secondary

Transitioning to Post-Secondary Lesson – Grade 11 (myBlueprint)

Creating a graduation Plan (Students can create their own graduation plan by logging into their account, then “Create My Graduation Plan” under the “High School” sidebar. ​

Time Management Strategies


Big Idea

Career life decisions are influenced by internal and external factors, including local and global trends. 

Big Idea

Cultivating networks and reciprocal relationships can support and broaden career-life awareness and options. 

Big Idea

Finding  balance between personal and work life promotes well-being. 

Compatibility for Careers Activity

myBlueprint_Who_Am_I_Compatiblity_Activity (2)

Transferable Skills Academy

Transferable_Skills (2)

Who am I? Knowledge

myBlueprint_Who_Am_I_Knowledge_Activity (1)  &  Who_Am_I_-_Knowledge_Results

Decision Making

Decision_Making_Process (1)

Decision Mountain


Pathways to a Career Activity


Resume Building

Building_a_Resume (1)

Building a Cover Letter

myBlueprint_Building_a_Cover_Letter (2)

Building a Resume

Building a resume Activity myBlueprint

Interview Skills and Mock Interview


Job Preparation

Job Preparation Unit Intro lesson

Job Search

Job Search lesson

Labour Market Review

Labour Market Review lesson

Big Idea

Lifelong learning fosters career-life opportunities. 

Big CLE Project

This will cover many of the Big Ideas

Career Project