Ministry of Education approved Work Experience​ 12A (WEX 12A) and Work ​Experience 12B (WEX 12B) electives are 100 hour courses of work based training in cooperation between the student, school and employer. Through work-based training, students have the opportunity to observe and practice employ-ability skills required in the workplace as well as technical and applied skills that relate to specific occupations and industries. Before beginning a Work Experience course, students are required to have successfully completed the course requirements for CLE 10. In this course, students learn to set goals, think critically, make thoughtful decisions and learn about their rights and responsibilities within the workplace.
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​​Reminder: In order to graduate all students are required to have documented 30 hours of work or volunteer experience.
  • Earning up to eight Grade 12 elective credits
  • Connecting classroom learning with the workplace
  • Practicing resume writing and job interview skills
  • Learning workplace skills that are transferable to other employers
  • Fulfilling community service hours required for graduation
  • Helping students make decisions about career choices
  • Building a network of industry contacts and
  • Increasing self-confidence and potential
  • Students will also learn to apply hazard recognition and injury prevention skills

After a student meets with the WEX Coordinator they will complete their First Assignment, Training Plan, and Safety Checklist. A worksite inspection and Placement Agreement Form will then be completed by an SD71 staff member. Once these are documented and in a student’s file they may start to log their work hours.

Students are required to record and maintain a record of their work experience placement. This record may be used to verify work hours from time to time. In addition, here is a list of all requirements for the course:

  • Training Plan and Safety Checklist
  • First Assignment
  • Work Experience Placement Agreement
  • Two performance feedback forms from employer
  • A written log of hours worked and duties performed
  • Resume and cover letter
  • Final Work Term Report
Students should have a discussion with their Work Experience Coordinator and/or Teacher with regard to the following:
  • Attitude and work ethic
  • Cooperativeness with employer
  • Dependability and initiative
  • Quality of work
  • Workplace attendance
  • Transportation to/from the work site
  • Confidentiality

Do you have a part-time job?

If so, you may be able to take WEX 12A and WEX 12B and gain 8 credits towards graduation. Students must visit their Careers Office and register for the courses.

An application form and a few additional documents must be in place PRIOR to students beginning to log their work-based hours.

As well, students are not able to use previous hours, the only hours that may be considered are those hours gained AFTER the Work Experience contract has been signed by the Career Coordinator or Teacher, application documents are submitted, and a Worksite inspection has been completed.

Careers Offices

Please visit your Careers Office today and speak to a Work Experience Coordinator who will help get you set up.

G.P. Vanier Career Office
Phone: 250-338-2110
Career Coordinator: Kelley Giorgianni

Mark R. Isfeld Career Office
Phone: 250-334-4628
Career Coordinator: Randy James

Highland Career Office
Phone: 250-339-5525
Career Coordinator: Tracey.MvKinney

Glacier View Career Office
Phone: 250-338-2752
Career Coordinator: Dawn Stevens