The Careers team has been working hard to create Jr. ADST Toolboxes for all of our elementary schools. Each toolbox has 12 totes, each tote contains all of the tools needed to complete all of our Jr. ADST activities. All resources needed for building can be ordered from Dawn Anderson or Steve Claassen and any additional in class support or guidance is available upon request.

Video Tutorial: What’s in Your Tool Box? 

In addition, if you are looking to engage your students in projects ranging from simple to more complex, please have a look at the project ideas below, there have been many successful activities completed already this year. Or, contact Dawn or Steve to ideate. We are very open to supporting teachers at all levels as they bring in new learning activities for their students.

In addition, Steve Claassen has been working with interested Grade 7 teachers to support knowledge and skill acquisition with tools so students can have additional learning opportunities that allow them to use tools and collaboratively work with peers at higher levels.

ADST Projects package October 2020

Contact Information:

Dawn Anderson 

Steve Claassen

Grade 5

Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder Instructions

Grade 6

Bird House

Bird House Booklet

Additional Woodworking Projects

Infinity Cube Instructions

Gravity Cars (Teacher Package coming soon)

Spaghetti Bridge     (Teacher Package coming soon)