Big Idea

Reflecting on our preferences and skills helps us identify the steps we need to take to achieve our career goals. 

Communication Skills for the Workplace

Communication Skills for the Workplace

Intro to Education Planner

Intro to Education planner myBlueprint

Who am I?

Who Am I lesson myBlueprint

Big Idea

The value of work in our lives, community and society can be viewed form diverse perspectives. 

Big Idea

Achieving our learning goals requires effort and perseverance. 

Revisiting your Goals

M3Lesson1RevisitingGoals (3)  &  RevisitingGoalsAssignment

Different Routes to a Career Path

M3Lesson2DifferentPathstoaCareer  &  DifferentCareerPathsAssignment  &  CareerPathsAssignmentSheet

The Wonderous World of Post Secondary

M3Lesson3WorldofPostSecondary  &  PostSecondaryAssignmentInformation  &  PostSecondaryOptionsAssignmentSheet

Forming a Graduation Plan

M3Lesson4ThinkingAboutaGraduationPlan  &  GraduationPlanAssignment

The Basic of Public Speaking

M3Lesson5PublicSpeaking  &  PublicSpeakingAssignment

Post Secondary Flip Book Lesson Plan

PostSecondaryFlipBookLessonPlan  &  PostSecondaryFlipBook

Making (and Adjusting) a Graduation Plan

MakingaGraduationPlan  &  MakingaGraduationPlan (2)

Big Idea

Adapting to economic and labour market changes requires flexibility. 

Big Idea

Our career paths reflect the personal, community and educational choices we make. 

Core Competencies Lesson

Connecting Through Core Competencies

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