Comox Valley Schools Cap Off a Successful Mental Health Awareness Week

As Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close, schools across the Comox Valley are reflecting on a week filled with impactful activities and initiatives aimed at promoting mental wellness. This year’s theme, “Compassion Connects,” resonated deeply across the district, highlighting the importance of supportive environments for nurturing mental health among students and staff.

Mark Isfeld Secondary School began the week with a full-school assembly and rolled out various workshops. The school’s “Unplug & Play Afternoon” was a highlight, encouraging students and staff to set aside digital devices to participate in group activities that promote mental wellness through social interaction and physical activities.

Puntledge Park Elementary embraced the color green, symbolic of mental health awareness, integrating it into their daily operations. The school conducted mental health check-ins and discussions aimed at bolstering emotional well-being, blending fun with practical strategies for maintaining mental health.

Glacier View Secondary focused on promoting healthy lifestyle choices through events organized by student leaders, including a community barbecue and gratitude circles, which fostered community bonding and personal reflection.

Highland Secondary dedicated efforts to making mental health resources accessible, setting up an information booth and distributing educational materials, ensuring that students had continual support throughout the week.

Vanier Secondary marked the week with a series of engaging events, from educational lessons on mental health to “Hats on for Mental Health” day, aiming to reduce stigma and foster open discussions about mental wellness.

NIDES provided extensive resources to teachers and administrators to share with parents and families, emphasizing the importance of understanding mental health through an educational lens. A special online presentation by Kim Barthel highlighted the art and science of relationships and their impact on mental wellness.

At Miracle Beach, activities leading up to National Child and Youth Mental Health Awareness Day included “Walking Wednesday,” where students engaged in nature walks during recess, fostering a connection with the environment as a way to enhance mental well-being.

Cumberland engaged students and staff with daily themes like Mindful Monday and Friendship Friday, which helped deepen understanding and support for mental health through a series of interactive activities.

Huband Elementary rolled out a comprehensive mental health display in the library, facilitated read-aloud sessions that focused on mental health topics, and adorned the school with posters and infographics. Morning meetings and classroom lessons, led by counselors, focused on mental health, kindness, and wellness, helping to embed these critical topics into daily conversations.

As Mental Health Awareness Week concludes, the activities and the enthusiastic participation across Comox Valley Schools underscore the district’s commitment to not just addressing mental health challenges but also celebrating mental wellness. The week has been a testament to the community’s dedication to creating an inclusive atmosphere where mental and emotional health is openly discussed, recognized, and nurtured, ensuring that students and staff are equipped with the tools necessary to thrive in all aspects of life.

Much more information and resources are available here: Mental Health and Wellness – Comox Valley Schools