Volunteering in Comox Valley Schools

Our schools have many volunteers and we are very grateful for their contributions. To ensure student safety, the district has several policies pertaining to the character and expected conduct of volunteers in our schools.

To begin, all volunteers must have a criminal record check completed and renewed every three years. Now, all volunteers must sign and adhere to our Volunteer Code of Conduct, which will be renewed every three years when the criminal record check is completed.

The new Volunteer Code of Conduct outlines 11 crucial expectations that must be met to work with students in Comox Valley Schools. The district has also updated its existing policies relating to volunteers who work with students. We hope these changes will further enhance both quality and safety for everyone involved with Comox Valley Schools.

SD 71 Volunteer Policies:

Volunteers in Schools
Criminal Record Search Volunteers
Volunteer Code of Conduct
Student Transportation by Volunteers
Equity and Non-Discrimination
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Equity and Non-Discrimination