Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health and well being are so much bigger than one person. They include every part of our lives. When people have the right tools and supports in place, they can flourish regardless of health problems.

When people do not have the support they need or are excluded, the entire community suffers.

– Canadian Mental Health Association BC Division

Comox Valley Schools is committed to the well-being of all students and staff. It is recognized in our Strategic Priority Plan as a top priority and we continue to invest funding and resources to ensure we maintain and enhance a robust program that addresses all topics related to mental health.

The following presentation is a report on the most recent developments in building capacity and competency with Mental Health Literacy throughout our District and growing a robust and responsive mental health and wellness plan.

Integrated Child & Youth Teams Overview

Here is a comprehensive list of resources in our community with our community partners to ensure that no matter what a situation or circumstances might be, there is help. It’s just a phone call or a click away.


Supports for students, staff and families are available from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network a Canadian-based company that oversees the training and resources the District employs for its Critical Incident Response.