Our Strategic Plan

The Board of Education is developing a new Strategic Plan to guide the district. To begin this process, we sought your help in determining our visioning for the future of our district.  We also asked for input toward our new student learning focus of core competency development.  We had over 500 detailed responses to the online survey and we thank everyone who took the time to participate and share their perspectives.

Strategic Plan Public Engagement Sessions: 

We’ve now also completed four public in-person community engagement sessions The constructive dialogue and the ideas and issues raised will be helpful as we move forward with four writing sessions that will result in the new strategic plan for Comox Valley Schools.

April 3, 2024 @ Cumberland 

April 4, 2024 @ Aspen Park 

April 8, 2024 @ Lake Trail Community School

April 15, 2024 @ K’omoks Band Hall

What’s next? 

A writing team will be meeting over four days in late April and early May to review all the input gathered as well as other sources of evidence and data about how students are doing.

The team’s task will be to synthesize the information and data compiled to date into the learning focus for Comox Valley schools over the next few years.

The district’s writing team will include:

  • Students
  • District Parent Advisory Council representatives
  • Indigenous Education Council representatives
  • Elders
  • Teachers
  • Support Staff
  • Principals and vice principals
  • Trustees
  • Senior Leadership Team

We will keep up you updated about this ongoing work as we make progress in the days ahead.