The Comox Valley School District produces a variety of reports and documents. Below is a list of current and archived publications​:

Ventilation Systems – An Overview

When it comes to working to keep our schools as safe as possible, there are many layers of protocols and practices that are working together. One of the measures we have in place are our ventilation systems. Our HVAC teams carefully monitor and keep our ventilation systems in good working order to help increase the amount of clean air entering our schools and classrooms.

Our maintenance teams have been working exceptionally hard to make sure our schools are maximizing our systems at each site. Here are some things to know about ventilation in Comox Valley schools:

  • All filters – at every school and site – are inspected and replaced on a regular schedule throughout the year.
  • Our maintenance teams ensure that we continue to run our ventilation at full capacity, as we maximize the circulation of clean air at each school.
  • All SD71 ventilation systems meet or exceed the recommended standards wherever possible.

For more detailed information on SD71 HVAC systems, please read this briefing note.

Below are completed overviews of the systems at each school.

From time-to-time, schools are temporarily closed for emergency reasons. The superintendent may make the decision to temporarily close any or all district schools when the safety of students and staff may be compromised. Parents, students and school district staff will be informed over the local media (98.9FM, 97.3FM). Every attempt will be made to post announcements about closures on the school district website. If there is no announcement on this website, please be sure to listen to the local radio stations.