Accessibility in Comox Valley Schools

School District #71 (Comox Valley) has a new accessibility committee which has been formed to meet the requirements of the Accessible BC Act and better serve the needs of our students, staff and community.  We need feedback from all parties!  We want to know what works well in terms of accessibility, and also where we can improve.  There are several ways that you can submit feedback:

  1. The form at the bottom of this webpage
  2. Email the Accessibility Committee:
  3. There will also be opportunities to meet in person, send a vlog, or drop off a letter

Areas that the Accessible BC Act focuses on are as follows: (Please note that although there is a heavy focus on accessibility for students, we also want to consider accessibility for parents, staff, and community members!)

  • Employment examples: Hiring practices,  Workplace standards (is my work accessible to me), Accessibility in the workplace
  • Delivery of services: Getting goods, services, or programs, accessibility in meetings (PAC, staff meetings, assemblies)
  • The built environment: Buildings, places, and spaces (ramps, bathrooms, acoustics, speaker systems, lighting)
  • Information and communications: Technology, technical communication, website accessibility guidelines, human communication, communication with parents/guardians and the community
  • Transportation: Busses, ferries, parking, field trips
  • Health: Services, mental health & wellness, sexual health, consent week, nursing support
  • Education: anti-bullying, academic adaptations, universal design for learning, Indigenous ed, anti-racism, diversity learning, tolerance & awareness, SOGI, social-emotional learning
  • Procurement: Acquiring materials and resources designed to meet accessibility requirements

Considering one or more of the above areas, please provide your feedback on the form below:

Accessibility Feedback