Program Reviews

Comox Valley Schools took its first steps in fall 2017 toward building a door to the future for the students by turning inward to examine the effective use and delivery of many of its education programs. To date, 15 program reviews have been completed and were reported to the Board of Education.

These reviews serve as an environmental scan of public education in the Comox Valley. The purpose is to consider various streams that exist within the District from the context of alignment and coherence. In other words, to determine if a program is positioned effectively for access and consistent use by students and by educators.

In the reports presented to the Board of Education, each review team, comprised of District administrators and staff, described how the learning program is currently offered to students, identified opportunities for expansion and concluded with recommendations on how the program can be better aligned to allow for broader access by schools and students, thereby enhancing the learning experience.

Of the program reviews, some may be brought forward for more in-depth review or for community engagement to help determine if enhancements to the program can meet the educational needs of students and positively impact their learning.

When an engagement process is established, the public will be given details on each of the program review recommendations, what is being asked of them for feedback and how to submit input.

Results of the engagement process will factor into the Board of Education decisions for each of the applicable program reviews. Thereafter, the Board of Education will recommend to the District that a process for any of the recommendations accepted for implementation be developed including any necessary financial commitments, facility needs and timelines to complete full implementation.

“It’s an intense and collaborative undertaking. By the time the extensive program review process is completed, the Board, District leadership and staff will have both a detailed portrait of current activities across the District and a clear plan for the future,” explained Tom Demeo, Assistant Superintendent. “Most of our District educators will have been involved in the review process in some form or another, and most community members will have had opportunities to provide feedback on the various elements of the program review.”