Arden Elementary one of 12 Active School Travel Pilots in BC

Arden Elementary is among 12 schools across the province taking part this year in the Active School Travel Pilot Program.

The Program is designed to increase the number of students using active transportation, such as walking or biking, in their daily commute between home and school.

Schools in the program receive:

Up to $10,000 in cash funding to support participation in the pilot and implementation of Active School Travel projects, and
access to in-kind capacity building supports and resources from a team of public health practitioners, community planners, researchers, and evaluation experts at BC Healthy Communities. Such supports may include:

  • Webinars
  • An online Community of Learning and Practice (CoLP)
  • Support with data collection, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Phone/digital-based coaching
  • Sharing of evidence-based tools and resources
  • Capacity building learning, training, planning sessions (workshops, meetings either in person or via other delivery mechanisms)