Sandwick Technical Schools Hosts Successful Women Explore the Trades Event

Sandwick Technical School hosted the inspiring “Women Explore the Trades” event, dedicated to introducing female students and students who identify as female to various trades. This hands-on learning experience provided an invaluable opportunity for participants to work alongside professional women in a range of trades, gaining practical skills and exploring potential career paths.

Participants engaged in a variety of trade workshops, including Automotive, Carpentry, Baking, Electrical, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Horticulture, Plumbing, and Hairstyling. Each workshop was led by experienced female professionals who shared their expertise and passion for their respective fields:

    • Erin Rautenberg (Heavy Duty Mechanics) – Mount Washington
    • Erica Lamouroux (Baking) – Erica’s Sweets n’ Stuff
    • Alexa Lamouroux (Carpentry) – Muchalat
    • Tracey Fleming (Horticulture) – Garden Works
    • Caitlyn Carlisle (Volunteer Firefighter) – Oyster River Fire Department (along with three other members who brought the fire truck for the kids to explore at lunch)
    • Jaylene Van Der Mere (Automotive Service Technician Instructor) – NIC Campbell River
    • Alyson Farey (Plumbing) – Dale’s Plumbing
    • Maaike Pen (Project Manager) – AFC
    • Ashlin Speed (Electrical) – Haiki Solar
    • Jasmine Greenhorn (Hairstylist)
    • Paige Knapman (Health and Safety Officer)
    • Maya Varela (Chef) – L.I.V.E (who catered the lunch)
    • Tawni Wilkins (SkilledTradesBC Representative)
    • Derek Hodge – Forbidden Mechanical (supplied the truck for kids to tour)

The event was designed to be highly interactive, allowing students to try their hands at different trades through practical activities and projects. This hands-on approach not only enhanced their learning experience but also boosted their confidence in tackling new challenges.

Participants had the chance to network with professionals in the trades, ask questions, and gain insights into the daily work and career prospects in each field.

Each participating company generously contributed by providing their employees for the day (paid), donating supplies, or offering takeaways for the students such as stickers, pens, and hats.

“Women Explore the Trades” successfully achieved its goal of empowering young women to explore non-traditional career paths and develop practical skills. The event highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion in the trades and inspired participants to consider a future in these dynamic and rewarding fields.

We look forward to seeing the impact of this event on our students’ career choices and aspirations.

Thank you to all the mentors, organizers, and participants who made this day a memorable and influential experience!