Celebrating Tradition and Achievement: Warrior Society Gathers at Camp Gilwell

Recently, the Warrior Society gathered at Camp Gilwell for a day of celebration and recognition. The Warriors are students in grades 4-9 who are Indigenous and attend Comox Valley Schools. The event marked the culmination of their learning journey, where they explored traditional knowledge and practices centered around the four elements: smudging, fire-making, respecting and living off the land, and the vital importance of water.

The celebration commenced with the day designed to honor the students’ achievements. Daryle Mills, the group’s leader called each Warrior up with their Indigenous Support Worker (ISW). Together, they highlighted the students’ unique qualities and growth within the Warrior Society. It was powerful to see students recognizing and complimenting each other for the qualities and attributes each person brought to the Warrior experience over the school year.

The Wachiay Friendship Centre provided beautiful hoodies for all Warrior Society members, which students wore proudly.

The Warrior Society program, supported by the Comox Valley Schools’ Indigenous Education team, teaches students valuable skills and values. Through a blend of cultural education and practical activities, the program fosters a sense of identity and belonging among Indigenous students. It emphasizes the importance of traditional knowledge, respect for the environment, and community building. The program’s hands-on approach includes activities like plant identification, traditional crafts, and survival skills, ensuring that students gain a comprehensive understanding of their cultural heritage while developing essential life skills.

The final Warrior Society meeting is scheduled for today (June 13), where students will use their compasses in various games and activities, further solidifying the skills they have acquired.