School emergency info session

If you missed the school emergency info session on October 5, a link to video of the presentation can be seen here

If an emergency occurs, please check SD 71’s social media pages, website and local media outlets for information and updates. Emergency notifications (e.g., emergency situations and snow closures,) are also broadcast to parents/guardians using School Messenger. Instructions for opting-in to receive SMS text messages from SD 71 can be found below. An app is also available to parents/guardians that can be voluntarily installed to mobile devices allowing messages to be received on a mobile device. Instructions for how to sign-up, download and configure the app on your mobile device, as well as accessing the platform on the web, can be found here:

SchoolMessenger Parent App Mobile Device (PDF)

SchoolMessenger Parent App Website (PDF)

SMS Text Messaging Opt-In Instructions (PDF)

School Safety During an Emergency: What Parents Need to Know.

  • Find out about the different types of school emergencies and how schools prepare for them.
  • Learn what parents and guardians should do in the event of an emergency.
  • And discover where parents should look to find information in the event of a school emergency.