Staff Cast

2023 SFU Student Teacher Exploration

2022 SFU Student Teacher Exploration

2021 SFU Student Teacher Exploration

Sharing with Sheila

Episode 6: Esther Shatz

Episode 5: Youn Hee Edmonds

Episode 4: Carrie Dumont

Episode 3: Michael McNamee

Episode 2: Amy Fountain

Episode 1: Vanessa Schreurs

Staff Cast

Sharing our District story from the inside out.

Episode 5: A warm welcome to the new secretary-treasurer

Episode 4: Heavy equipment operator plays a big role in student safety and school operations efficiency

Episode 3: NIC Graduate sees his former school district in dollars and cents.

Episode 2: Parent volunteer dedicates her time and talent to beautify a community school

Episode 1: A former Isfeld student spends a summer on staff