Backgrounder – Active Travel SD71

Student Travel Planning Survey Overview

In the final weeks of October 2013 Baseline Family Surveys were distributed to all families of the three SD#71 target schools – Huband Park, Ecole Puntledge Park and Ecole Robb Road. Families were to complete the surveys from the perspective of their youngest child traveling to and from school.

The goal of the Baseline Family survey is to:

  • Provide a snap shot of how children are traveling to and from school
  • Identify intersections, roads and traffic patterns of concern to families getting to school
  • Identify what needs to change in order for parents to encourage their child to actively commute to school.
  • Provide a place for direct comments SD #71 and the Active Travel Municipal Stakeholders can do to encourage families to actively commute to and from their school.
  • With the help of admin staff and teachers, the surveys were returned complete and with useful comments. The return rates ranged between 44% and 58% giving a terrific set of data to work with to meet the Student Travel Planning process goals.

Data Results (PDFs)

School Travel Planning in the Comox Valley from BC Healthy Communities Society on Vimeo.