Donated cedar logs to be turned into works of art

You many notice a giant pile of logs out front of GP Vanier next time you are there. Mosaic Forest Management has generously donated several cedar logs to be used by the district for future carvings and wood projects. Some of these logs were harvested over 50 years ago from the Jump Lake area near Nanaimo. Comox Valley Schools is very grateful for this generous gift.
District Principal of Indigenous Education Bruce Carlos will be working with Karver Everson who will be turning these logs into totems or other works of art that will be located at schools throughout the district.

Cumberland Community School was fortunate to host Karver Everson and Junior Henderson as they worked on two beautiful totems that will be located at the future Dawn to Dawn (D2D) and CV Transition Society K’wax Dzi Dsas Cumberland Affordable Housing Project. The artists shared some carving traditions, along with the story behind the totems with students and staff.
The totems are now in storage for the time being. Many thanks to Karver and Junior for sharing their stunning work and knowledge with the community.