Employment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I don’t have a computer, can I submit a paper application to apply for jobs?

School District 71 (SD71) is paperless with its job application process. Only a complete application package submitted electronically through makeafuture.ca will be accepted. A computer can be accessed for free at your local library or in the lobby of the School Board Offices where you can sign-up for a free account on makeafuture.ca and apply.

I tried to sign up for an account on makeafuture.ca but it is not working, what should I do?

For assistance with the sign-up process for a free account, please contact applicant@makeafuture.ca or call 1-866-806-6851.

I wanted to apply for a job posting for SD71 but it is no longer on makeafuture.ca, can I email or drop off a resume instead?

Once a job posting for SD71 has closed, it no longer appears on makeafuture.ca. Only a complete application package sent electronically through makeafuture.ca and submitted by the closing date/time will be accepted.

Please sign-up for the “Job Alert” feature on makeafuture.ca to get an email notification when jobs are posted for SD71 so you don’t miss out on job opportunities.

I wish to inquire about current and future employment opportunities at SD71, how can I get more information?

Due to limited human resources, we unfortunately cannot respond to individual inquiries about employment opportunities at SD71.

What we can provide is as follows: As the second largest employer in the Comox Valley, SD71 employs approximately 900 employees in assignments (550 teachers, 300 support staff, 50 school administrators and district staff) and around 300 employees on-call. We have on-going vacancies due to employees’ leaves of absence or retirement/ resignation.

As a result, we post externally on average 200+ jobs a year for regular, temporary or on–call work. The number and/or type of vacancies tend to vary from year to year and we are unable to predict how many jobs there might be in the future.

How do I get on the Teacher on-call list or the Support Staff on-call list?

If/when there is a need to add to our on- call lists, jobs are posted on makeafuture.ca.

I think I might be a good fit for your organization, how can I request an informational interview to discuss further?

Due to limited human resources, we unfortunately cannot grant requests for informational interviews from prospective applicants. Please note that we attend local Career Fairs twice a year in the Comox Valley where we are happy to connect in person with applicants interested in employment with SD71.

What courses should I take to qualify for jobs at SD71?

Qualifications will vary based on the position. Some examples are as follows:

  • Teacher positions require current B.C. Teacher Certification.
  • Specialty teacher positions such as Counselors, Psychologist, SLPs require a Masters’ degree in the appropriate discipline.
  • Learning Support Teacher positions require special education training consisting of a minimum of 3 special education courses which must include Level B testing.
  • Educational Assistant positions require a Human Services Worker certificate.
  • Administrative/Clerical positions require a Business Administration certificate.
  • Trades positions require a Trade Qualifications certificate.
  • Custodian positions require a Building Services Worker certificate.

I think my education and/or experience is equivalent to qualifications listed in #7, how can I confirm I am qualified?

Due to limited human resources, we unfortunately cannot grant requests to review /assess possible equivalency of education and/or experience of applicants.

Your best bet is to apply for positions you feel you are qualified for and your complete application package will be evaluated as part of that process.

I submitted an application but haven’t heard anything yet, how come?

Only a complete application package submitted electronically through makeafuture.ca and submitted by the closing date/time will be accepted. If you have done so, then your application will be considered.

We are thankful for all applicants interested in SD71 but regrettably are unable to acknowledge every application received. Only qualified applicants short-listed for an interview will be contacted.

When can I expect to hear if I have been short-listed for an interview?

Complete application packages are reviewed electronically as soon as possible after the closing date/time. Although it may vary, usual turnaround time is two to four weeks. Vacancies at SD71 are filled using a competitive process.

We receive, on average, between 10+ and 100+ applications per job posting. If you were not short-listed for an interview this time around, please don’t get discouraged – keep trying!