Glacier Newcomers’ Alumnae Association recognized for support of Comox Valley Schools

Comox Valley Schools would like to wholeheartedly thank and acknowledge the Glacier Newcomers’ Alumnae Association for their inspiring fundraising efforts and generous donations of dry foods for School District 71 students over the past two school years.

Since fall 2021, the Glacier Newcomers’ Alumnae Association (GNNA) has donated over $16,400 dollars and many wagon loads full of dry foods for students at nine Comox Valley Schools. This food is typically provided in an inclusive and stigma free manner for any hungry student to access. Some schools have used the funds from GNAA for school-wide meals for students.

In September 2021, the Glacier Newcomers’ Alumnae Association approached district staff and suggested they could donate funds and food products to help learners get a good meal while at school. The GNAA collected funds through 50/50 draws and personal donations, as well as collected dry goods at their monthly meetings to donate to schools.

During the school year, GNAA members visit schools every month or two, where they meet with staff, drop off a wagon full of dry goods, and visit with students. Many SD 71 schools have formal food programs providing meals for students, and the rest often have informal options available such as fruit, sandwiches, soups, other meals, and snacks.

“The remarkable contributions of the Glacier Newcomers’ Alumnae Association have had a profound impact on our schools and students. Their generosity in donating funds and food for our lunch programs has made a significant difference in ensuring learners have access to nutritious meals.” said Geoff Manning, acting superintendent, Comox Valley Schools. “We are truly grateful for GNAA’s unwavering support over the last two years and for their dedication to helping our students thrive.”

The Glacier Newcomers’ Alumnae Associations’ contributions exceeded all expectations, and these donations made a big difference in our schools for students. Comox Valley Schools is incredibly grateful for their generosity towards our students.