District Programs

Behavior Re​source Services (K-7)

Behaviour Resource Services provide support for students in grades one to seven with identified intensive behaviour and/or serious mental illness. An integrated approach is taken in order to establish an effective team to address each child’s need. Services may include:

  • Case management of students designated H – Intensive Behaviour Support/Serious Mental Illness
  • IEP Development
  • Behaviour Consultation
  • Pullout classroom program based at Ecole Robb Rd.
  • Home and family support
  • Shared behavioural EA support

Challenge Program

The Inclusive Education Department provides support for ‘gifted learners’ to achieve their individual potential through a specialized program called “Challenge”. The program endeavours to provide information and awareness about gifted learners and their needs to parents and all district staff, through an in-school support model.


The George P Vanier’s PREP Program is designed to facilitate the acquisition of independent living skills and pre-employment skills to students with a wide range of Low Incidence designators. Students are provided the opportunity to learn functional academics, social skills, life skills and participate in work experience programs.

Students attend regular classes and electives dependent on their ability and interest and although. support is available independence is encouraged. Students also receive instruction within the Prep program in a variety of areas specific to their needs. Vanier Prep program students usually graduate with an Evergreen Certificate.

Life Skills

The Life Skills programs serves students with a wide range of cognitive and physical abilities. Lessons, activities, and schedules are tailored to meet individual needs and abilities. Creating community, developing independence, and valuing individuality through inclusion and supporting individual needs.  Enabling students to reach their potential is the top priority of our Life Skills Programs. Currently there are two programs in our district:

  • Lake Trail Community School offers Life Skills programming for students in grade 6-9.
  • Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School offers Life Skills programming for students in Grade 8-12.

Link Transition Program

The LINK Transition Program (LTP) is a partnership between North Island College (NIC) and Comox Valley Schools. The school district program is targeted towards students with special needs that are looking at independent or semi-independent living.

The LTP is offered based on a minimum number of registrations and reviewed annually. If you have any questions regarding the program please contact Inclusive Education.