Lake Trail Community School’s Winter Feast: A Celebration of Community and Belonging

Lake Trail Community School recently hosted its annual Winter Feast, a cherished event that brought together 400 students and 50 staff members in a festive gathering.

This year’s feast was notably supported by generous donations from Thrifty’s and the invaluable assistance of the Lake Trail Community School Society volunteers. This is year nine for this great event and Thrifty Foods donated 38 Turkeys, 100 pounds of butter, 200 pounds of potatoes and other food to make this event happen.

The school gym was transformed into a vibrant space where the essence of the school’s goal, “We will create a safe space for all to learn and belonging.” This commitment to creating a sense of belonging was evident in every aspect of the event, organized diligently by the school staff.

Such events underscore our ongoing commitment to fostering a community where every member, be it student, staff, or volunteer, feels an integral part of our school’s journey. The Winter Feast not only celebrates the holiday season but also strengthens the bonds of our community, reinforcing our belief in the power of coming together.