May 3, 2024 – Busing Update for Hornby & Denman

Due to ongoing mechanical issues, BC Ferries has issued a revised schedule for both the Hornby and Denman sailings. Please see below for how busing will accommodate.
This morning:
Route 804 —> Shingle Spit for 7:30 AM ferry. No busing changes.
Route 807 —> Denman West for 9:00 AM ferry. No busing changes.
Route 818 —> Buckley Bay pick-up at 9:20 AM. Revised bus schedule to accommodate for approx. drop-off at Vanier at 9:40 AM
This afternoon – return:
Route 818 —> Buckley Bay for 4:00 PM ferry. No busing changes.
* Revised sailing will go to direct to Shingle Spit for approx. arrival at Shingle Spit for 6:00 PM.
Route 807 —> Service to Gravelly Bay not required due to direct ferry. Regular community school service to go unchanged.
Route 804 —> Shingle Spit pick-up at 6:00 PM. Revised busing schedule to accommodate.
* Note: If mechanical issues are resolved sailings and busing will go ahead as per regular schedule.