Personal Digital Devices in Schools – Survey

Comox Valley Schools values your insights and contributions as we work together to create safe and productive learning environments. To promote consistency across the province and ensure that our district has the right policies in place, we invite you to participate in a survey about the use of personal digital devices in schools. This survey will help us update our codes of conduct according to the recently amended Provincial Standards for Codes of Conduct Order from the Ministry of Education and Child Care.

**Please submit by noon on May 27, 2024**

Background: The Ministry’s amended order aims to restrict student use of personal digital devices to foster focused learning environments and promote online safety. Personal digital devices include any electronic devices used for communication or accessing the internet, such as cell phones or tablets. As part of the new requirements, our district must update our codes of conduct to reflect these changes, which will come into effect on July 1, 2024.

Key Elements to Address: Our updated codes of conduct will include:

  • Statements restricting personal digital device usage during instructional hours to support focused learning.
  • Guidelines for using personal digital devices for instructional purposes and digital literacy.
  • Provisions considering students’ age, development, accessibility, medical needs, and equity.

Survey Participation: Please take a few minutes to share your valuable feedback and help shape the future of our district’s digital device policies.

We greatly appreciate your time and thoughtful insights.

Click here to participate: Personal Digital Devices Survey – Comox Valley Schools