The first district Girls in STEAM event was a great success!

 Grade 6/7 girls from around the district gathered at host school Queneesh Elementary to celebrate and experience Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math in this tech-filled day of playful exploration and creativity run by Teacher Librarians in the district.
Students worked at 3D printing, designing apps, block coding, robotics, sewing, construction and graphic design and more to create innovative solutions to real-world, local accessibility problems.
The highlight from the day was a special lunch to meet with local women working in a variety of exciting STEAM careers – sewing, software development, fraud protection, Engineering, military, IT and watershed scientists.
This event was organized by Teacher Librarians Emily Pontus and Sarah Coull. Special thanks to all district TLs who supported this event, hosting and teaching students, and to Kara Dawson and Dawn Anderson for their tireless support of district technology and career endeavours.
Hats off to all the tech savvy teachers and staff in our district for their amazing work setting up students to succeed in the future!
Some Robotics71 students were also their to encourage their younger peers to explore Science, Technology and Engineering.
A big thanks to all the industry professionals who shared their time and wisdom with our students.