Feed the Feeder Program Thriving at Lake Trail and Arden!

Comox Valley Schools proudly celebrates the collaboration between Arden Elementary School and Lake Trail Community School in their innovative Salad Bar program. Arden Elementary, a recipient of the Farm2School Grant for 2022-2024, has leveraged the established systems and relationships at Lake Trail Community School to bring fresh, nutritious meals to their students.

Special thanks to the volunteers and Board of Directors at Lake Trail Community Education Society for their efforts on this salad bar. Over 20 people in the registered charity have worked for over a year to extend the salad bar to Arden. The school and community is very fortunate to have this incredible community support.

Since receiving the Farm2School Grant in 2015/2016, Lake Trail’s salad bar has thrived, thanks to the dedicated work of their food coordinator and partnerships with local producers. This successful model has now been extended to Arden Elementary, highlighting a remarkable story of community support and food security.

The “Feeding the Feeder School” initiative demonstrates the power of intergenerational connections, with volunteers at Lake Trail mentoring new elementary family volunteers at Arden. Together, they harness various grants and community support systems, such as the Affordability Fund, Feeding Futures, Adopt A School, and Farm2School, to offer free weekly salad bars to students and staff. This collective effort serves over 400 meals each week, showcasing a remarkable achievement in SD71.

This partnership not only enhances food security but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration, making a meaningful impact on the lives of many families within the district.