Thanks to a group of parents who pursued a Farm to School Grant, students at Aspen Park are now enjoying a salad bar lunch. The school is now the 7th in our District to offer this healthy option once a week that will alternate between cohorts.

A cohort of Courtenay Elementary grade 4/5 students had an exciting day at Rampart Hill trying out the new District snowshoes. The day was full of adventure, self-discovery and Whisky Jacks. For more information on district snowshoes and winter activities, visit the EOL website here.

A maiden voyage for a cohort of G.P. Vanier students participating in a snow study for their Environmental Social and Science 11 class. This is a first time experience to outfit a class in the District with snowshoes. For more information about winter and mountain activity planning and booking snowshoes teachers can visit the EOL website here.

Episode 3 with Mike McNamee. Listen to stories of our amazing support staff and their unique contributions to student success here on our Staff Cast and Sharing with Sheila page.

A student cohort at Lake Trail engaged in a workshop exploring the importance of reconciliACTION, an activity connected with Youth Leading Reconciliation (YLR). Read more in our District News here

Courtenay Elementary Community School Society was the recipient of the 2021 Comox Valley Community Enrichment Awards and received an $8,000 grant which will help fund cabinets in the school's new kitchen. Learn more about CECSS here

Comox Valley Schools is committed to the health and mental wellness of students and staff. Click here for a complete list of resources and programs within the District and the community available to support you.

Culture in action - A conversation with Indigenous educators in our District - Jeannine Walker, Tony Dickson and Colleen Devlin. Watch their story here on reconciliation and how they engage and connect students on the important subject.

#Learn71 students at Huband organized Valentine candy grams to raise money for Habitat for Humanity resulting in a profit of $1001! Well done, Huband. You definitely have heart!

Huband Park Grade 3 students share West Coast Indigenous stories in their very own podcast. Read the story by Catherine Lafferty in Indigie News online here. Image credit: Teacher, Geoff Fleischer 

A cohort from Cumberland Community School gather outside Cumberland Lodge January 15 to sing Happy Birthday to Dorothy 'Dot' Bonora. The idea was sparked from principal Tracey Croonen after spotting a social media post. More images on our Facebook page.

January Board Newsletter is now online for your reading pleasure. Click here for all the good news!

Pink Shirt Day is recognized every year in the District. This year we will mark this important anti-bullying day on February 24th.

Pink Shirt Day is recognized every year in the District. This year we will mark this important anti-bullying day on February 24th.
Let's all do our part to curb bullying behaviour. Click here for the Peer Conflict resolution graphic.

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