1. ​​Leaders arrive at Sandwick at 9:00amleader auto.jpg
  2. ​Introduction to event, safety, careers talk, etc
  3. Learn the trade you will be responsible for
  4. Set up the work area for that trade and practice the skill you will teach
  5. Elementary students arrive 11:15am – 11:30am – Introductions, safety, career paths, etc
  6. LUNCH – we provide it for you
  7. Teach elementary students (3 different sessions 30 minutes each) 12:15pm – 1:45pm
  8. Elementary students leave at 2:00pm
  9. Clean up and finish by 2:30pm

For all the activities, it is expected that the leaders will take the time to carefully watch and learn from the youtube video’s below, try the skill yourself, and ask Mr Claassen to inspect your work or give you guidance in the skill.​

Station/AreaYouTube Link To WatchLink to CareerLeader Cheat Sheet (will already be printed)
​CarpentryFraming a WallITA Youth CarpenterCarpentry Station Leader Cheat Sheet
CulinaryCulinary Station - SalsaITA Youth Professional CookCook Station Cheat Sheet
Cook Station Salsa Recipe
DrywallPatching a WallITA DrywallerDrywall Station Leader Cheat Sheet
ElectricalElectrical Wiring,
Cord Repair
ITA Youth ElectricianElectrical Station Leader Cheat Sheet
MechanicsEngines/Change TireITA Youth Auto Service TechMechanics Station Leader Cheat Sheet
Soldering Copper,
Pex Pipe
ITA Youth PlumberPlumbing Station Leader Cheat Sheet
RoofingInstalling ShinglesITA RoofingRoofing Station Leader Cheat Sheet