Concours d’art oratoire 2023

Concours d’art oratoire held at École Robb is the longstanding public-speaking contest that is open to youth who are learning French in a school. It’s a great way to celebrate their many hours of hard work learning and speaking French.

Students wrote speeches in French and presented them in front of an audience and judges at the SD71 district finals.

The top two finalists were selected from each category. First place winners will go on to represent our district at the provincial CAO finals at Simon Fraser University on May 6th.

Participants were exceptional this year and demonstrated poise and confidence in their French public speaking abilities. Félicitations!

Here are the winners for each category :

Grade 6 Late French immersion

1: Nellie Hund: L’importance de la lecture

2 : Quinn Faraklas-Humphrey : Le jeu d’échecs

Grade 7 Late French immersion

1 : Isla Ferguson : L’esclavage

2 : Jillian Hammett : Pourquoi le moyen âge était le pire temps pour vivre

Grade 6 Early French immersion

1 : Alexandra R. : Action en Afghanistan

  1. William Youdell : Marie Curie

Grade 7 Early French immersion

  1. Avery Cruickshank : Les gens sans abri

Grade 8 Early French immersion

1st place: Sienna Rosvold

2st place:  Hadley Unrau

Grade 8 Francophone

1st place : Gabrielle St Pierre