Local Education Agreement – SD71 and K’omoks First Nation

Comox Valley Schools completed the successful signing of the LEA with the K’omok’s First Nation on August 31, 2022. It was a beautiful event at the K’omoks First Nation Band Office and thanks to the Nation for hosting us.

This process began last fall and a district team worked closely with the Nation to forge a new document that will be in place for the next 5 years. The document is aimed at improving Indigenous Grad rates and insuring successful transitions for school age students.

One of the key highlights of the document is the establishment of a new position called the K’omok’s Success Advisor. This is a teaching position dedicated to improving the success rates of K’omok’s students and working closely with K’omok’s families and the school district to increase educational opportunities and track the success rates for all K’omok’s First Nation students.

We look forward to seeing the results of this work.

Read the Learning Enhancement Agreement.